Garda Truffle

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The black Garda truffle grows in the mountains around Tremosine sul Garda, and throughout the Alto Garda Bresciano Park area.

This hypogeal mushroom is a very precious product, which in recent years has increasingly become popular among connoisseurs.

The most widespread truffle species around Tremosine sul Garda is the so-called ‘tuber aestivum’ - therefore, it is part of the summer truffles category, also known as ‘scorzoni’ truffles. The summer truffle has a pleasant but mild taste, suitable for those who prefer delicate flavors.

In addition to the summer truffle, we can sometimes find precious species from Norcia, the smooth black truffle or the uncinate truffle, which are quite rare.

Even though most people think truffle is just for the rich, in fact these black truffles have much lower prices compared to white truffle, sold for crazy prices!

Cooking with Garda truffle 

Its unique and unmistakable flavour can add an extra kick to many traditional Tremosine sul Garda dishes - for example, truffle goes very well with delicate cheeses, enhancing their qualities, and it can also be added to many more specialties.

An example is fresh pasta, which become delicious with some shaved ‘black gold’ on the top - this is the case of tagliolini with truffles, Formagella tortelli with Garda truffle, or risotto with mushrooms and truffles.

Garda truffles are often added to give extra flavour to excellent Tremosine sul Garda products like Tremosine sul Garda cheese, honey from Alto Garda Bresciano Park or Garda olive oil.

Curious Facts - the black gold from Garda

Garda truffles have been known for many years - in fact, in fact, as early as 1500, historian Bongianni Gratarolo wrote of Garda truffles in his book "Historia della Riviera di Salò".

For some time now there has been a ‘Tartufai’ association for professional truffle collectors, and Bresciani Tartuficoltori, protecting the ‘black gold’ of Lake Garda.