Terrazza del Brivido

Floating block

The Terrazza del Brivido is one of Tremosine sul Garda’s most famous sights, loved by all hikers and a must visit for all people heading to this little corner of Lake Garda.

It is located above Pieve, the most panoramic village in the municipality.

The view from the terrace

The Terrazza del Brivido is literally suspended at over 350 meters of height - those who are not afraid of heights can venture onto the concrete platform, to admire the lake and the curves of the Gardesana road from a truly unique perspective.

From the terrace, you can see the village of Campione, and the initial hairpin bends of the Strada della Forra, which then disappears between the Lake and the Brasa valley canyon.

During clear days it’s also possible to see Mount Baldo, standing out between the blue lake and the blue sky, a sight not to be missed.

This panoramic terrace, built between the 50s and the 60s, at the Hotel Paradiso, which today allows the public to access. It’s been standing for decades, allowing all Pieve visitors to enjoy a unique, romantic moment surrounded by beauty.

Curious Fact - a record-breaking terrace

The Terrazza del Brivido is at the same height as the famous Grand Canyon American Skywalk panoramic terrace - the latter is also suspended over a void, but it dates back only to 2007!