Strada della Forra Road

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One of the best ways to reach Tremosine sul Garda is taking the spectacular Strada della Forra, a breathtaking road winding through the wild gorge carved by the Torrente Brasa, connecting the lake to Pieve di Tremosine sul Garda.

One of the most beautiful roads in the world

With its overhanging cliffs, dark tunnels, gorges and climbing plants, it comes as no surprise that the Strada della Forra was defined by Winston Churchill as the eighth wonder of the world, and as "one of the most beautiful roads in the world" by a famous German correspondent on the day of its inauguration.

The twists and turns leading from the lake shores to Pieve, 358 meters above, are loved by tourists of all nationalities.

Strada della Forra: history and facts

The history of Strada della Forra began in 1889, when the project was first conceived. Before that time, people reached Tremosine sul Garda exclusively on foot, via the Porto - Pieve path and other secondary roads, while goods reached Pieve with a rope cableway.

The project was strongly supported by Don Giacomo Zanini, Vesio’s parish priest, don Michele Milesi, a local politician, and designer Arturo Cozzaglio, as well as many other famous people of the time, including Prime Minister Giuseppe Zanardelli.

The road was officially inaugurated on May 18th, 1913 with a big party. The dream of the whole town came true, after having waited for this engineering masterpiece for centuries, with its breathtaking bridges and steep curves plunging into the Brasa.

Strada della Forra: by motorbike, by car or on foot

The distance from Campione to Pieve following the SP38 is about 6 km - in high season, it’s regulated through traffic lights in both directions.

The Strada della Forra is a real paradise for motorbike lovers, who ride along it in all seasons.

Sports enthusiasts can also travel along the road by bicycle or on foot, following the pedestrian path that runs along the old road, offering unique views of Lake Garda.

Once you get up to Pieve, in a niche, you will find the Madoninna, protector of all Tremosine sul Garda motorists since 1960.

Curious facts: a location for movies and TV commercials

The Strada della Forra is so unique that it has been chosen as the set for many films and TV commercials. Do you know which ones? First of all, the film 007 - Quantum of Solace, where you can see James Bond engaging in pursuits at full speed along the turns of the Forra. The road, featured each year in hundreds of YouTube videos, is one of the most popular locations for TV commercials of prestigious car manufacturers.