Formagella di Tremosine

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One of the best known cheeses in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park area is certainly the Formagella di Tremosine sul Garda, produced by the Alpe del Garda dairy cooperative.

The Formagella is an excellent dairy product - a semi-cooked cheese with small holes, a soft consistency and a delicate flavor, aged for a minimum of 40 days.

It is produced on the Tremosine sul Garda plateau, in the heart of the park, where Grey Alpine cows graze freely.

The production area is mainly mountainous, with a minimum altitude of 400 meters above sea level - this is why the Formagella di Tremosine sul Garda contains all the flavors and aromas of mountain pastures.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Formagella di Tremosine sul Garda is also offered in a flavoured version, with the addition of carefully selected ingredients such as wild garlic or ground black truffle, harvested in the territory of the park.

Naturally, there’s also a version with olives, a traditional product from the shores of Lake Garda, and chilli and pepper for lovers of spicy flavours; if you want to try an unusual combination instead, you can taste plum-flavoured Formagella.

If you love strong flavours you can opt for the smoked version, a real treat! This type of Formagella is carefully aged and then smoked with a totally natural process.

You can recognize the original smoked Formagella by its straw yellow color, and its strong yet delicate flavor.

All versions are produced with freshly made cow's milk, coming from cows that graze in the open air, enjoying the sun and the pure air of the mountains of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.

Thanks to its soft paste and its moderate fat content, this cheese is easy to digest and suitable for different preparations, but it will simply captivate you with a slice of bread flavored with a drizzle of Garda oil.

Depending on aging, you can use the Formagella di Tremosine sul Garda also in its grated version, perfect to make a good pasta or gnocchi dish truly unique.

Finally, a curious fact! Did you know how to recognize the original Formagella di Tremosine sul Garda? In the production phase, the Alpe del Garda dairy cooperative prints a cross on every shape, a distinctive sign that guarantees the originality of the product.


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