The Alto Garda Bresciano Park

Floating block

The Alto Garda Bresciano Park is one of the most important areas in Lombardy from a natural, historical and tourist point of view, because of the unique geography of this territory covering over 38.269 square meters, shared between the municipalities of Gardone Riviera, Gargnano, Limone sul Garda, Magasa, Salò, Tignale, Toscolano Maderno, Tremosine sul Garda, and Valvestino.

Between forests and Mediterranean landscapes

The park area extends from a minimum altitude of 65 meters above sea level, to almost 2,000 meters on the highest mountain peaks. The spectacular landscapes vary - you’ll find typically Mediterranean environments on the shores of the lake, and Alpine scenery on the mountains, making the park an ideal destination to experience wild nature.

The complex ecosystem of the park includes several areas - the blue waters of the lake, the Gardesana Occidentale forest that covers over a third of the park at an average altitude of 600 meters, the hills of Gargnano, and the cliffs overlooking the lake.

Flowers, alpine plants and the Terzanech wildlife area

Flora and fauna are strongly linked to one another other. We have Mediterranean species growing on the shores of the lake, like palms, agaves and magnolias, and fish species like pikes, carps, trouts, and eels in the lake waters. In the Alpine area, the most interesting ecosystem from a wildlife point of view, we can admire royal eagles, chamois, hares, squirrels, weasels, marmots, deer, mouflons, wild boars and sometimes even brown bears.

In order to preserve wildlife, several protected areas have been established, like the Terzanech deer wildlife area. From 1988 until today, ten deer born in this reserve have been reintroduced in the state-owned forest. Some are equipped with radio collars to help monitor their movements. 

Discovering the paths and flavours of Lake Garda

The Alto Garda Bresciano Park is a unique territory, with a vast network of paths - for example, you could hike the Bassa Via del Garda, a 50-kilometer route crossing the most fascinating places in the park.

It is an excellent opportunity to discover not just villages and traditions, but also traditional products, such as freshwater fish, olive oil, lemons, Tremosine sul Garda cheese, unpasteurized milk, Tombea cheese, wine, honey and grappa.