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The mountains that rise from the Brescia side of Lake Garda to the green plateau of Tremosine sul Garda are the ideal environment for bees, thanks to a great variety of flowers and plants, and a well-preserved natural environment.

In Tremosine sul Garda and its surroundings, several beekeepers produce top-quality honey, with different variations depending on the production area, whether it’s at higher altitudes or surrounded by mountains.

Very different honeys are produced, sharing the same type of treatment aimed at preserving natural characteristics.

The first honey produced during the year is dandelion honey, with a delicate flavor, similar to the taste of chamomile, perfect to sweeten drinks or yogurt.

Then there is acacia honey, sweet and amber-hued - this is the most common around Tremosine sul Garda, and it is perfect to spread on a slice of bread together with a knob of malga butter.

Then we have chestnut honey, typical of mountain areas, with a strong taste and deep brown color; if you prefer delicate honeys you should try millefiori honey instead, produced in hilly and mountainous areas.

The most demanding palates will be satisfied by special honeys, such as the one with black truffle from the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, excellent combined with strong malga cheeses like aged Garda PDO. Another delicious aromatic honey is mountain pine, perfect with a glass of warm milk to protect you against the cold and sore throat.

A curious fact? In Tremosine there is also lemon-flavoured honey, only produced in Lake Garda. Right between Salò and Limone you can find the famous Garda lemon groves, the northernmost citrus production place in the world!


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