Garda PDO

Floating block

The Garda PDO is the best-known product of Tremosine sul Garda’s farmers and cheese makers, who officially have been making this cheese from the early 1990s.

It is a semi-fat cheese with a hard texture and a medium-long seasoning, produced in a delicate version and a tastier variety, aged for longer. Both kinds are aged for at least 12 months before being consumed.

Thanks to its long seasoning and its hard texture, Garda PDO is perfect to be grated. It has smaller holes compared to the Formagella di Tremosine sul Garda, and a more intense straw-yellow color.

The PDO acronym indicates a cheese produced by the Alpe del Garda dairy cooperative, with milk from Grey Alpine cows, raised in stables within the boundaries of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.

This milk presents the same scent of the pasture grasses - Grey Alpine cows are fed very high quality fodder, made up of native grasses and flowers from the mountains surrounding Lake Garda.

Starting from medium-aged Garda PDO, it is possible to obtain a cheese with an incredible fragrance, perfect for the most demanding palates - Garda PDO Riserva, aged for a minimum of 24 months. These wheels are carefully selected by cheese makers, to express the Mediterranean scents of the lake combined with the mountain flora of the Alto Garda Park.

A curious fact about Garda PDO and Grey Alpine cows? This breed, originally from Switzerland, has been chosen by Tremosine sul Garda farmers for its high productivity even in the presence of harsh winter temperatures, often found on the plateau and mountain areas.


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