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Sompriezzo is a small village within the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda, at 556 meters above sea level. The village is located in the place known as Correggia, part of the low Quadra area. The village's name is made up of two parts - it derives from the Latin "summus", meaning higher,  in reference to Priezzo, located just below.

Panoramic views from Sompriezzo

Visitors are fascinated by Sompriezzo, nestled in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. Here, within a few square kilometers, it is possible to find unique natural sceneries, making Sompriezzo a real treat. There are only about forty inhabitants in the village, which is made up of a group of ancient houses, completely or partially renovated. The village overlooks Lake Garda, offering a breathtaking panorama, which embraces the lake from north to south, and includes great views over Malcesine and Mount Baldo.

Mount Caplone, perched at 2000 meters above the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, adds a sense of grandeur to this unspoiled location. This mountain is worth a mention, not only because it is the highest location in the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda, but also because it marked the ancient border between Italy and Austria.

The church dedicated to the Madonna della Salute

The small church in Sompriezzo was built in the second half of the 18th century and it is dedicated to the Madonna della Salute. The bell tower and the sacristy, are located on the left hand side. The painting above the altar is not dated, and represents the Madonna and Child between Saints Francesco and Carlo. It was probably inserted in a votive shrine, already present in Sompriezzo before the construction of the church.

The patron saint’s day in Sompriezzo is celebrated on November 21st.