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The MUST, an acronym that stands for ‘Museo di Tremosine sul Garda’ (Tremosine Museum), is a new exhibition dedicated to life in Tremosine sul Garda that can be found in Villa Paradiso, just above the Pieve historic centre. 

Visiting the seven exhibition rooms of the MUST you’ll learn about the history of Tremosine sul Garda, its territory, and war-related events. Specifically, the MUST illustrates the Great War through a historical research, photographs and findings collected in around of this small mountain village.

The MUST is open from 1st July to 15th September on FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY - MONDAY opening hours 10-13 / 14-17.
Full ticket € .5.00 - Reduced (welcome card, over 65, residents) € .3.00 - Free for children up to 14 years.

What does MUST mean?

Must is not just an acronym, it is much more! Each letter refers to an element of this land: ‘M’ indicates the mountains that have always been protagonists of the culture and gastronomy of the Tremosine sul Garda area, while ‘U’ represents the other heart of the culture of Tremosine sul Garda - its round shape wants to recall the shores of Garda, while the sinuous shape of the ‘S’ is a clear reference to the Strada della Forra, that runs meandering towards the lake.

Finally, ‘T’  wants to represent those rope cableways that once connected the shores of the lake with the village of Pieve. If you think about it, T also resembles a terrace, a reference to the balconies overlooking Lake Garda from the village.

The Villa Paradiso exhibition - the territory and the Great War

Villa Paradiso is a beautiful early 20th century building, with beautiful Art Nouveau stucco and interior decorations.

The villa has just recently been renovated to house the Tremosine sul Garda Museum. The MUST exhibition follows two main paths - the history of the Great War, the core of the museum, and the history of the community of Tremosine, its population and territory.

Two intertwined themes that illustrate the experience of the Tremosine sul Garda community and their home, a historic border land. The municipal archive is another of the Villa Paradiso treasures - until 1990, the building was the seat of the Municipality of Tremosine sul Garda and therefore contains many documents on the history of the village. There are maps, documents, projects and plans, revealing how Tremosine sul Garda, Campione and the port changed over time.

A curious fact about MUST

On the MUST website you can find a 360° photo of each room, and there is also a photo gallery full of information on life in Tremosine sul Garda - perfect for photography lovers!