Floating block

Musio, located at 480 meters above sea level, is a romantic, ancient village within the municipality of Tremosine sul Garda. The name of the village was mentioned for the first time in 1268 in the Benacense diplomatic code - the name is of pre-Roman origin, and it derives from the Latin "mesius".

A small, quiet village

The blend of nature, architecture and culture makes this place unique and conquers the heart of all visitors. Musio is the ideal destination for those looking for tranquility, just steps away from lake Garda.

The church of San Francesco di Paola

In the village there is a small church, dedicated to San Francesco di Paola, a Calabrian hermit who died in 157, and patron saint of sailors. The parish church was built in July 1729 by Angelo Donati di Musio, and it has an octagonal plan and very simple interior decorations, with no frescoes. However, the same church also contains impressive works of art, such as the altarpiece attributed to the painter Simone Brentana (1656-1742). Inside the church there is also a painting portraying Santa Lucia, the patron saint of blind people (Angelo Donati himself suffered from blindness), and one depicting Santa Apollonia.

Musio after the landslide

In 1957, after a landslide, the church and part of the village were declared unsafe and were therefore abandoned. The church had first been restored by Angelo Donati in 1754, a date that can still be read on the façade of the church, and in 1989 further restoration was carried out.

In the square in front of the church, there is still a fountain that was once used for animals to drink from. Musio’s patron saint is celebrated on May 24th, when the whole village dresses up and enjoys a party.