Freshwater fish

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One of Tremosine sul Garda’s peculiarities is its position, suspended between lake and mountain. This makes its cuisine a mixture of different flavours, blending traditional ingredients from Lake Garda and the mountains into one dish.

Freshwater fish is a perfect ingredient both for traditional Mediterranean recipes, and for dishes that use Alpine flavours such as polenta, cheese or butter.

The environment of Lake Garda is home to a wide variety of fish, some of which are native or even protected, like carpione, a Slow Food Presidium.

Among the most famous varieties of freshwater fish there is certainly whitefish, with a delicate taste that goes well with the aroma of olive oil from Garda. A tasty, precious fish that can just be cooked in a pan, baked or grilled, and seasoned with the traditional sauce made with parsley and garlic.

Large fish such as pike, measuring up to two meters in length, can also be found in the lake. Another common fish is tench, used for excellent risotto, delectable perch as well as carp, a fish that lives in areas where the water is cleaner and the rocky bottom is full of vegetation.

In the lake we also find trout, delicate and easy to digest, the undisputed queen of fish courses on the tables of Lake Garda.

You can also find char, a species typical of lakes and mountain rivers, also bred in numerous fish farms around Lake Garda.

Sardines are the protagonists of several traditional dishes - this small fish is salted and used to season the famous spaghetti, known locally as ‘bigoli’ with sardines.

Finally, we can’t neglect to mention the bleak, a small fish that is usually fried and served during village festivals.

A curious fact about the bleak - on all the shores of Lake Garda, it’s fried and served in layers with stewed onions, excellent Garda oil and vinegar.

Do you know the name of this dish? It is the famous Sisàm of fishermen, to be enjoyed cold after at least a couple of days in the fridge.