The best views in Tremosine sul Garda

Floating block

Get your backpacks ready and camera handy - this itinerary offers breathtaking views of the Tremosine sul Garda plateau, and the entire Lake Garda!

The first stop is Voltino, specifically the yard just opposite the church: from there, just near the parking car park, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the whole of Lake Garda, and the mountains that surround it.

Then, head to the village of Vesio, in the town square, next to the Hotel Sole, you’ll find a picture-perfect view!

“Pieve, chi dai tuoi balconi guarda apre il cuor al magico Garda” (Pieve, those who looks from your balconies open their hearts to the magical Garda) -  Pieve di Tremosine is a must see in this itinerary, because it contains some of the most beautiful scenic points over Lake Garda and its mountains. The first viewpoint is located in Piazza Cozzaglio and offers a clear view of Mount Baldo. The second point can be reached at the end of the Vicolo della Scaletta, where there is a small balcony full of flowers, from where you can admire the view and even spot the Campione strip of land. The third location, probably the most famous, is the well-known Terrazza del Brivido, that can be reached after Villa Paradiso: this balcony extends over the lake at 365 meters above sea level, and it is suspended over the void. From there, you can easily admire the twists of the spectacular Strada della Forra.

The next stop is in the village of Arias: along the entire Via Belvedere you can enjoy an incredible view of the lake, and you will feel as if you were walking on a natural balcony overlooking the water.

The fifth stop will be in Mezzema, near the Hotel Panorama: as you can imagine from the name of the hotel, this place offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

The sixth and last stop of this itinerary taking in the most beautiful views in Tremosine sul Garda is at Bocca di Nevese - on this hill, at 800 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a wonderful 360° panoramic view of Lake Garda and the villages of Tremosine sul Garda. A perfect place to end this itinerary, tasting local products and admiring your next destination from above!