Floating block

The village of Arias, 444 meters above sea level, is located in a wonderful position overlooking Lake Garda, along the municipal road between Pieve and Pregasio.

The origin of the name Arias

The village name recalls its location: Arias probably derives from "Airy", referring to its open and breezy position. Another possible meaning is that of "aia" or "land free from buildings", or even, taken from the medieval term "aria", meaning "land not cultivated nor plowed".

The village on the hill, between vaults and frescoes

The hills above Arias, just uphill from the inhabited areas, are cultivated with vineyards, while vines and olive trees can be found both up and downhill from the municipal road . In the oldest part of town you can admire traditional vaults, all different from one another, inviting visitors to relax in the historic center and admire its architecture.

On the wall of a house there is a votive shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, which depicts the crowned Madonna with the Child, between Saints and Archangels. It was commissioned by the owners of the house in 1849. 

Under the vaults you can admire a fresco dedicated to San Rocco, protecting locals  from epidemic diseases and especially the plague. The Saint is also celebrated in Arias on August 16th.