Floating block

Sermerio is located at an altitude of 641 meters above sea level, overlooking the Tignalga valley. It is the westernmost of the villages within the Tremosine sul Garda municipality. The name of the village, which was Sarmér in ancient times, seems to be of Celtic origins.

The peasant village

The village of Sermerio is very diverse, and rises near a steep canyon, in a very picturesque location overlooking the Tignalga river gorge. Three contrade (districts) belong to Sermerio - Terra, Brea and Frenzano. The Volunteer Association of Tremosine is located in the latter.

The church of Sermerio

The church of Sermerio is dedicated to two saints, San Bernardo Abate and San Martino Vescovo. The first news of its construction date back to 1566, as it can be seen on some documents of the time. It has a rectangular structure, and the interior has a single nave.

On the main altar there is a nineteenth-century painting depicting the Madonna with the two patron saints of Sermerio. The exquisite organ was built in 1854, by the craftsman Martino Brunori.

Festivals and sacred art in Sermerio

In Via della Libertà, on the way to Terra and Breda, there is a votive shrine that it contains a statue of the Madonna with Child, and on the bottom there is an inscription - "Anno Mariano 1954 ".

At the junction between via Terra and via della Libertà there is a fountain used for laundry and for animals to drink. During the Venetian period, there was also a manganese quarry near Sermerio.

Thanks to its three districts, Sermerio is always on holiday! The first Sunday of July is the day of Maria Ausiliatrice, to whom a votive shrine on the provincial road is dedicated; San Bernardo is celebrated on August 20th, whereas November 11th is the day of San Martino.