Floating block

Castone is a small hamlet 480 meters above sea level, on the road that leads from Pieve to Mezzema and the surrounding valleys, in the direction of Secastello. The name probably derives from the augmentative suffix -one added to “casto”, a probable shortened form of "castanus", referring to the chestnut tree.

A mountain village

With its secluded and peaceful atmosphere, this village is different from the other Tremosine hamlets, because it is a small mountain village in a very quiet position, where you can enjoy peace and relaxation. For this reason, we can’t possibly pass through Castone without a quick stop for a visit and a relaxing walk.

Stroll around Castone

Away from the hustle and bustle, this mountain village is the ideal departure point for long walks, during the day but especially in the evening, when the sun sets behind the horizon - at this time, Castone radiates a very romantic atmosphere. Lake Garda is in the immediate vicinity, making Castone perfect to combine hiking to water sports such as water skiing or sailing.

Not far from Castone you’ll also find the Bondo valley, a nature reserve and a perfect destination for nature lovers.